The Madcap Science Manifesto

This is our little manifesto. We have several aims. By exciting and enthusing children and young people. Talking openly about #STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and museums by actively breaking barriers to information and facilitating links with industry.

  1. Communicate STEM in an easy, uncomplicated manner.
  2. MUSEUMS are fantastic spaces. We want to create innovative learning resources with them.
  3. Break down barriers to INFORMATION through digital media, talks, activities, more.
  4. CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE (4-18) year olds are our focus.
  5. We believe INDUSTRY should be more vocal about its needs and current achievement.
  6. The ARTS are beneficial to all aspects of learning. We want to promote them.
  7. RESEARCH is useless if no one talks to the younger generation about it.
  8. VOCATIONAL education programmes need greater ‘air’ time.
  9. Madcap Science is  INCLUSIVE.
  10. Facilitating children and young people towards a BRIGHT FUTURE is what we’re about.

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