My Madcap Story…

I’m forever being asked: “What is the story behind Madcap Science?”… So here is the lowdown. When I was 13 years old I went through some family difficulties and became displaced. Suddenly school which I’d never thought about became my only focus, the only place I could pour my energy. Converting my negative thoughts and […]

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Say Hello to Eulergy!

Say Hello to Eulergy! – The Research Matchmaker! What is it? Eulergy is an innovative platform for students in higher education to access the brightest companies in industry. So if you’re a student with a research project that can work towards solving real world problems or someone in industry seeking an innovative idea broker to […]

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What’s the trade off? Research and Development #ScienceSummit14

On the 3rd of December I took part in the #ScienceSummit14 and actively discussed what roles research, industry and funding currently play in the spheres of UK higher education and beyond. It’s the ‘beyond’ which posed the most questions to answer and possible routes that higher education institutions, industry and the public sector i.e. councils, NHS […]

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